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January 6th 2018.

If only we knew.

Each day as we move forward from one encounter to the next we often lack the necessary information to adequately make informed decisions. If only we could read the other person's mind: life would be so much easier and simpler to navigate through the uncertainty.

Yet life would not be the same as healthy setbacks often lead to individual growth. 

December 20th 2023

PROJECTION: This is a defensive mechanism whereby people subconsciously utilize in order to cope with difficult feelings and or emotions  Often people in conflict will pass on or project the unwanted feelings or emotions to those who are friends or relatives rather than deal with the undesirable


December 20th 2023:  Transference occurs when a person redirects some of their feelings or desires for one person to an entirely different person For example a wife may observe characteristics and feelings of her father in her new husband which may be good or bad feelings


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